Make Life Your Creative Outlet

Make Life Your Creative Outlet


My name is Diana! I'm the one behind the scenes at Olive Blossom Designs! 

A big part of who I am comes from being part of the military.  I am a proud military spouse and a mom of 2 boys and to my niece.  My husband of, 24 years, is in the Air Force, and recently, my oldest son enlisted in the Air Force as well. Needless to say, the military holds a big place in my heart.  

Random Things About Me  

Laughing is my favorite! I have a huge tendency to be quirky and nerdy.

Current addictions include: washi tape, art supplies, notebooks, and art journals.

Obsessed with: bright colors, abstract art, photography, hand lettering, and more! 

The creation of Olive Blossom Designs came from a desire to share in what I call..."The Creative Lifestyle."  This lifestyle encourages finding artistic inspiration in the humdrum of everyday life and support artists to embrace their true authentic style without hesitation. I am happiest when I'm able to share and network with other creatives. 

My goal is to encourage an everyday lifestyle that is creatively inspired, and uniquely you!

On the blog you'll find posts about:  

  • Support and Tips on Living Creatively
  • Favorite Findings
  • How To's / Tutorials [watercolor, hand lettering, mixed media, and graphic design]
  • Downloadable Freebies  

This blog is named in memory of my grandmother, Olive.  She had the ability to find beauty in the simplest of things and was full of spunk and sweetness!