A Gold Mine of Online Resources

Eureka! I've struck gold!

Online Resources for downloadable Calligraphy Worksheets

The Postman's Knock

Thank Goodness for the internet! Without it I would have never struck gold and discovered the wealth of online resources! I'm a city girl stuck in a very puny town in the humongous state of Alaska! My small town is nice, but lacks a lot of the creative lifestyle conveniences. However, I'm so grateful it does have one modern convenience - the internet! 

Lindsey at The Postman's Knock (TPK) is very talented and her site is jam-packed with online resources! Her modern calligraphy worksheets are pure GOLD and she prices them at the bargain price of a latte ($5)! So far, I have purchase three lattes. :) 

  • Her worksheets include:

  • A brief introduction of the calligraphy style

  • A list of recommended supplies

  • Detailed exemplars for faux calligraphy and dip pen

  • Numbers and word practice sheets for examples of letter connections

I can't say enough good things about the resources Lindsey has available on her blog. Besides the modern calligraphy downloadable worksheets, she offers of gold mines including watercolor tutorials to envelope art. Needless to say, The Postman's Knock is full of shimmery gold inspiration and downladable worksheets to help develop solid gold calligraphy muscle memory. 

The Flourish Forum

Erica McPhee at The Flourish Forum, provides a bonanza of golden resources!!! This site has it all! The 23 copperplate worksheet I printed have all your start-up calligraphy needs covered. These worksheets contain:

  • Basic Stroke Drills

  • Letter Practice, Numbers

  • Spacing and connecting the letters in words

The Flourish Forum also has basic printable guide sheets, perfect to place under a blank paper or use directly... and after you get the basics down, there are even more worksheets to practice squaring tops and bottoms of letter forms and perfecting double letter variations! OH, and did I mention that all of these golden worksheets are FREE!! 

These worksheets are only the tip of the resources ice burg! There are other posts on The Flourish Forum on all types of calligraphy (Modern, Brush, and Spencerian), to include tips on flourishing, and so much more!  

Pieces Calligraphy

Sharese at Pieces Calligraphy, is a super talented brush pen calligraphist. Her site has posts and videos geared towards the newbie brush calligrapher that clear and easy to follow how-tos. 

Sharese designed free brush calligraphy work sheet and they are amazing! the worksheets are minimalistic making them super easy to use. Her worksheets include:

  • Exemplars of different strokes for drills

  • Alphabet Guide

  • Practice Sheets

  • Small Tipped Brush Pens

  • Large Tipped Brush Markers

Pieces Calligraphy is a great online resource. Navigating your way through the site's information is easy. Sharese is super friendly and responds o every comment made oh her post.. So go check out her website! You won't be disappointed! 

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