Interesting Hand-Lettering Compositions

Hand-lettering that contain opposite lettering styles creates interest!

Isn't it weird how opposites attract? But it is so true. Not only is it true in personal relationships and sweet & sour candies, but also SO TRUE in hand-lettering and all design as well. Using opposite lettering styles, colors, or even size makes for a better over-all hand-lettering composition. Contrast is key!! 

Opposites, or contrasting design elements, oddly enough, supports each element and makes a composition balanced and interesting. For example, when lettering a phrase writing out the important words in BOLD or Large words and the supporting words in a narrow script brings balance the whole lettering scheme.

Below are a few examples of using opposite lettering styles to create interest.

Scatter Kindness - Scatter (script) + Kindness (print) = Interesting and Cohesive Composition

 Sparkle Everyday - Sparkle (BOLD Marker Script) + Everyday (thin ballpoint pen in all lowercase print) fitting underneath  = Interesting Composition

*Remember* → Design rules apply to across all art forms.. From Hand-Lettering, typography, and painting.

So the next time you are lettering out a phrase, try using opposite lettering styles. You'll be following design principals and love the results, guaranteed!

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