Aurora Green

Aurora Lights Dance in skies of Alaska

Aurora Lights Dance in skies of Alaska

For this week's Monday in Color post, I present to you green.

I'm not really into the color green, but when you see the beautiful northern lights or Aurora Borealis dancing above you, it's stunning. A show stopper, for sure. 

The hex code, or the six digit alphanumeric code you see in each color sample below the photo is used in graphic software like Photoshop, and various programs or apps to identify color digitally.

A few easy hex codes to remember are #ffffff is for white #000000 black.

For more information on hex color codes check out HTML Color Codes. It also has a lot of wonderful design resources listed! 

Also, I recently found this post on Jen Reviews. It gives detailed information on the meaning of colors. - Go check it out!