Doodle Journaling

Decorate your Journal with Washi Tape! - Washi makes everything Prettier! ♥

Decorate your Journal with Washi Tape! - Washi makes everything Prettier! ♥

What is a Doodle Journal?

First let me tell you what a doodle journal is not.. It's nothing fancy or big. And it’s not for painting or layering on all sorts of art media.

Basically,  a doodle journal is a cheap compact notebook used for, you guessed it, doodling. It's for your eyes only, so drop the expectation of picture perfect illustrations and use it for mindless free flowing doodling. A doodle journal is a safe place for you let go of all judgments and to gag that pesky nit picky inner critic.


Why Doodle?

Studies show that doodling helps improve memory and focus.

A student that doodles in class is more likely to retain the presented information. So, no, doodling isn’t a waste of time whatsoever.

Another big reason artists doodle is because when doodling you tend to zone out and not overthink.

It sounds weird huh? But zoning out really does wonders in getting those juicy creativity ideas flowing! It’s a strange concept, for sure, but overthinking things is a BIG creativity killer. Allowing ideas to flow with one doodle leading to another, and then another, and another. Before you know, you'll have a whole bunch of creative ideas and inspiration captured in your journal.

Doodling is also a great way to warm up your hand, especially for hand lettering.

Doodling is also a great way to problem solve.  Let’s say you accidentally make an ink blob on a doodle. Learning how to incorporate that blob to make it appear it was meant to be there gives you skills to make mistakes happy ones. Learning to creatively cover up, or use mistakes is an invaluable talent as an artist.

Who Doodles?

Pretty much, everyone doodles!!

Executives at their fancy business meetings, students in their boring classes AND you guessed it, artists doodle too.

When And Where To Doodle

Doodle journaling can be done anywhere and at anytime.

For example, aside from the class time doodling session, there is also that famous doodling time we all do while talking on the phone.

Another ideal doodling time could be while watching the television. For me, having my doodle journal with me while watching TV always ends up productive. That's another weird concept, huh.. Wha? Watching tv productive? I say YES! There are tons of creative inspiration I find while watching TV.  I’ve sketched out patterns and even gotten ideas for color and font combinations all while watching TV! - Jackpot!!

REPEATING Doodles and some FLORAL Doodles I doodled While watching TV

REPEATING Doodles and some FLORAL Doodles I doodled While watching TV

What Are You Waiting for? - Get Doodling!

Doodle Journals are small enough to throw into your purse or to carry in your pocket. 

Take your journal with you on the go. Trust me, capturing invaluable inspiration when it hits is easy with a quick doodle in your notebook!

Please, whatever you do, don’t let inspiration escape and get lost in the everyday hustle and bustle of life. Carry your handy dandy doodle notebook everywhere! You won't be sorry you did! ☺