I thought I'd start a new section of the blog called Keeping It Real   CREATIVE LIFE JOURNAL  where I plan to write little snippets about interesting design elements I find in my everyday life.

Since being a creative individual and blogger consumes a lot of my time, these snippets will mainly center around my creative life.. That being said there are other parts of my life that may seep in now and again. Those topics will most likely be centered around military life, and healthy living. Whatever the topic, I guarantee that there will be no sugar coating, at all. I'm going to share the good stuff, the struggles, and everything in between. I'm betting there will be a lot of readers that are feeling and/or experiencing similar things in one way or another.

My hope is to create a dialogue and support system for everyone without the pressure of creating  formal blog posts with SEO and Pinterest worthy images, etc. on my mind. By ditching all of that blogging mumbo jumbo, I feel will keep things grounded and focused on bite size pieces of KEEPING IT REAL   CREATIVE LIFESTYLE JOURNAL that hopefully will benefit everyone. 

Let me know what you think. Is this raw and real blog/journal section, is there a particular topic you are interested in? ♥