Floral Valentine

I chose the color scheme of this vibrant flower in honor of Valentine's Day. 

Speaking of Valentine's Day, do you know the history behind the lover's hoiday? There isn't one solid account on it's history. As for St. Valentine, whom the holiday is named after, is said to have been executed in the year 269 AD! 


The version of history I like best is about the Roman Emperor Claudius II who declared it unlawful for young soldiers to wed. He believed that soldiers who had a wife and family to live for didn't fight as hard as single soldiers who didn't. St. Valentine, the romantic that he was, would secretly wed young soldiers anyway. Word about these secret marriages got to Claudius and eventually Valentine was arrested and sent to prison. 

While in prison, a guard brought his blind daughter to St. Valentine and asked if he was able to restore her sight. St. Valentine prayed over the girl and is that he preformed a miracle by restoring the girl's sight. He became friends with the girl and wrote a letter to her on the day of his execution signing it as "Your Valentine." Isn't that sweet? ♥

Another theory as to why February 14 became St. Valentine's Day was the church's way to counter the weird Roman Festival of Lupercalia held on February 15.  

Although the origin of Valentine's day is a little murky, I hope you all have a great one and treat yourself to something special. ♥

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