Font Fun

Have you ever run across a font online or in a magazine and wanted to know what the name of it is and where you can download it?

Seaworthy Typeface  on Creative Market

Seaworthy Typeface on Creative Market

I recently found this font from an ad on Facebook for the Sip 'n Dip Lounge, a totally awesome mermaid/tiki bar in Great Falls, Montana.

I love the tentacles on the ends of characters and overall seaworthy feel of this font.  


After no luck with Google Image search, I turned to the MyFonts website.  This site has a really cool feature called WhatTheFont.  It's an online tool that helps identify fonts. All you do is upload a image of the font and the program does its best to identify each character in the image. If the character is identified incorrectly you can override it and input the correct character.. Click submit and the magic starts..

If for some reason the program isn't able to identify your font, it gives you the option to submit it to the WhatTheFont Forum where font experts evaluate it and will email you once they have identified it. This is the process I went though to identify this font. It was totally easy and worth the minimal effort. 

On a side note

After using the WhatTheFont feature and found out who created this fun font, I was delighted to find that I was already following this artist on Instagram! The talented artist behind Seworthy Typeface is Callie Hegstrom! You can find her on

I follow her on Instagram @makemediaco