Free Instagram Mock-Ups

You might be asking what the heck is a mock-up and why would I want one?

A mock-up is a stylized/staged photo that allows you to pop your work onto. Mock-ups make it easy to accomplish this because all the work of staging, photographing and then editing the photo is already done for you. Easy, right?

This past month (November 2018) I thought it would be fun to participate in a lettering challenge on Instagram hosted by @chrystalizabeth @tiffyinspirations and @tjt_design #novembergrace and to make it easier on me, I set up a few flat lays/mock-ups.

I decided that, even though these mock-ups have an autumn feel, that I’d offer them as freebies anyway. After all, they can be used at anytime of year, not just autumn.

Photos are 1200 x 1200 pixels

If these mock-ups are used on the web, please credit me by adding to the caption:
Photo by Diana Campos on Olive Blossom Designs
And if used on Instagram, tag me @olive.blossom.designs
I’d LOVE to see how you use them in your work!!


👈 Here is an example of a mock-up in action.

To save a mock-up photo:

  1. Click on the photo you want.(Photo will open a LIGHT BOX)

  2. Right click photo and select “save Image AS”

  3. after it’s saved,Click small X in top right to close light box and return to post

OR if you want the all in one convenient download, then click the button for a compressed file of all 4 mock-ups. 😉


Did you notice the little super cute yellow watercolor leaf I added to my lettering?!

It is included with other super cute leaves AND a ready to use swag and autumn wreath too!

Watercolor Autumn Clip-Art

Not sure how to use mock-ups?

There’s a video tutorial on by Dawn Nichole’s blog on how to use mock-ups in Photoshop.

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