118 Hand Lettering Instagram Hashtags

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Finding the correct hashtag recipe for your Instagram post is essential to get your work in front of your targeted audience.

Hashtags like #handlettering has over 8 million posts! Which is great, but will most likely be hard for your post to get featured under the Top of the list. It’s sad, but if you don’t have a huge following with high engagement, its most likely your post will be lost under the millions of users using this hashtag.

#handlettering might be a better place to find inspiration and popular hand lettering artist to follow rather than add to your list of hashtags.

As you probably know, Instagram allows 30 hashtags per post. And As a general rule, I use all thirty of em and try to strategically choose the ones I want to use. Hashtags that have under 1 million, but more than 100 thousand is usually what I aim for.

I’ve compiled a list of hand lettering hashtags for you to download. It’s a good mix of very popular hashtags and some not so popular.

I encourage you to dig into this list and choose relevant hashtags for your work and audience.

Happy Hash-tagging!

Do you like participating in hand-lettering challenges?

Challenges are a great way to support and make new “insta-friends” in the hand-lettering community.

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