Hand Lettered Quotes - Never Stop Learning

Ancora Imparo

- Michelangelo

Translated from Italian means, I am still learning. This quote is rumored to have been written on the back of a painting Michelangelo completed at the age of 87! I find this inspiring because even at 87 he was still learning and growing as an artist and person. 

Isn't that freaking AWESOME?!  I, personally, think this quote is amazing!  I too, will never stop:

  • learning

  • and growing

  • and creating

  • and painting

  • and, and, and

Life is amazing and God is good!

I hope this quote inspires you to keep expanding your knowledge in any area of life. Keep learning no matter what your age!

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Do you have a go-to quote that motivates you to continue to grow and learn? If so, what is it? Please share it in a comment below!!