Patriotic Ice Cream

patriotic ice cream

My hubby and I went to Cold Stone for some delicious ice cream and my eye caught tints of our beloved american flag. I had to take a photo, and you can see my reflection in the photo (hi! ) 

Do you know the difference between tints, shades and tones?  

The ice cream colors in the photo are tints of red, white, and blue (although, I'm not sure if white can be a tint? white is white [??] ) 

  • Tints are colors mixed with white

  • Shades are colors mixed with black

  • Tones are colors mixed with grey

 I used to get these three terms confused, but figured out a cool way to remember them. I relate shade to black like sitting under a "shady" tree. haha  Does that makes any sense whatsoever? or only in my crazy mind? 

Tomorrow is the 4th of July!! Since the sun is up all the time during the summer months in Alaska there are no 4th of July fireworks - Bummer, I know, but whatcha' gonna do. It's all good though, we still enjoy BBQs and celebrate the holiday!