Printable April Showers Calendar

April Showers Bring May Flowers!

Or if you live in Alaska like I do, then it's not quite warm enough for rain showers yet. April is the beginning of what we call "break up season."  

Break up season is a process where the snow and ice pack from the last 7 months finally starts to melt! Whoo-Hoo! Beautiful sunny days are around the corner, but to get to the good stuff we need to wade through the mess.

Alaska's break up season is like any other break up. Messy!  The whole process starts during daylight's warmer hours causing the snow to melt and then when the sun goes down it freezes again. This makes for super slick conditions in the morning.. Daylight melts more.. nighttime freezes again.. - This slushy muddy process repeats for about a month and a half {bleh}. It's a messy price to pay, but we are blessed with beautiful mild summers.

Every want to visit Alaska? come in the summer months. You won't regret it! 


Days to remember:

April 1 April Fools - Come up with a good prank
April 14 Good Friday †
April 16 Easter - Hallelujah! He Is Risen
April 18 Tax Day
April 28 Arbor Day -✿ plant a tree