Watercolor Glazing

My son, Nathan, titled these watercolor triangles - "Cool Ranch Doritos."  

Watercolor glazing is an easy and fun technique

Watercolor glazing is basically layering watercolor washes on top of each other. This adds depth and color changes to your paintings.  

I love the effect of depth glazing adds. Seeing the objects below the top layer of wash creates a lot of interest and dimension. This technique is great to add shadows and details.  It also causes colors to change giving different tones or hues. 

The downside is this technique requires patients. Something I don't have much of. You need to allow time for the bottom layer to be completely dry before layering another. If the bottom layer is not dry, then the two colors will bleed together. In fact, there are a few examples of my impatience shown in the triangle example. See the color bleeds? *sigh

I do love that you get a sense of depth and changes in some of the the triangles.