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Fresh Spring Watercolor Art

It is officially Spring and with it has inspired a new watercolor art project!

For this mood board, I used Pinterest for color inspiration and then found photos to match each color

For this mood board, I used Pinterest for color inspiration and then found photos to match each color

Springtime =  Colorful Inspiration!

For the watercolor background I decided to create a mood board.

I love all the bright coal, blue, and green colors!
It's SO fresh! 

For my spring time watercolor background art, I used water based brush tip markers.

To create a similar background effect:

  • Scribble color from a water based marker onto a plastic sheet (I used a sandwich bag)

  • To activate the ink, spray water on either your watercolor paper or the inked plastic sheet

  • Place the plastic sheet on some watercolor paper and press and squish to desired effect

I love water based markers for their vibrant colors! which is awesome for creating some bright colored backgrounds.

My background compared to my mood board has more of a pink than coral, but I still love how it turned out. 


Crusty Texture

Welcome to another episode of Texture Tuesday!


I love ♥ finding crusty texture that is layered over with even more crusty texture! For some reason, it makes me happy! 

So much crusty goodness!

When I found this old guard rail full of crust I instantly photographed it with my trusty phone. 

By looking at this rail you can see that it has been around awhile and looks as if it has served it's purpose well. And now it has not a so obvious perpose. This rail will now serve as texture to a couple of photos. 


I used Photoshop to give the guard rail a more dramatic effect.

To achieve this I used the curves Adjustment mask and chose the negative option.

I used Photoshop to give the guard rail a more dramatic effect. To achieve this I used the curves/negative mask.

 All this grunge reminds me of the ol' time sepia photos from the wild west. You know, the ol' wanted dead or alive posters of Billy the Kid. haha

I used this selfie and played around with it. It would have been fun to create this into a wanted poster!   🤔


The Wild West Grunge

For my selfie, I used a two step process to make ol' time sepia photos. First, I made the photo black and white on my phone's editing app. After it was black and white, I added the sepia color in Photoshop. To find the Sepia feature, go to Image>Adjustments>Photo Filter. From the Filter drop down menu, choose Sepia. Then adjust the strength of the filter according to your taste.

After the sepia effect is complete, add the guard rail texture photo on top and play with the blend modes. I chose Overlay and left it at 100% opacity.

This photo was taken on a wine tasting tour I went on with my husband. It was a perfect day!

To me, the texture adds a whimsical/ illustrative effect to the photo. 


Illustrative Look

I also created this textured photo in Photoshop. This one was way easier. I layered the guard rail texture on top of my wine tasting photo, then used the Screen blend mode option and dropped the opacity down to 68%.

I love experimenting with texture and adding it to photos. It is one of my 'go-to' design elements to add interest to my projects. 

Download the crusty grungy texture [HERE]

Loving Vincent

Loving Vincent Movie Poster

Loving Vincent Movie Poster

I stumbled upon the animated/painted movie Loving Vincent from the retro/modern Palm Theater. This theater is like an hour away from me. I haven't been there YET, but you can bet that I will be making a visit there soon.

I'm not one to keep up with current movie releases so needless to say, I'm out of the movie loop. When I heard of Loving Vincent, I was instantly interested and when I found out that the animation was painted! That really had me! 

Sadly, I missed the showings at The Palm Theater, but found out that I can watch it from the comfort of my home on YouTube! Wha?? streaming movies from YouTube! This is news to me! When did this happen? 

I haven't had a chance to watch this movie yet as it's the weekend and my family is home from work and school. I'm looking forward to Monday morning and a quiet house all to myself when I can sit, watch, and cry uninterrupted.  


I have thought of Vincent Van Gogh as a topic for the mini artist studies I post here on the blog and now am going do one on him, for sure. 

Watch Loving Vincent on YouTube [Here]

The soundtrack is also on YouTube [Here]

Your Mission, Should You Choose To Accept It

An-Artists way.jpg

Have you ever head of The Artist's Way, by Julia Cameron? 

It's a "course in discovering and recovering your creative self." Definitely sounds like a book for me.

I found out about The Artist's Way, on a Feng Shui sight The Tao of Dana.  I LOVE this site, it's full of Feng Shui tips! Anyways, I was on this site and bought Dana's Feng Shui 101 eBook. I was digging into it, you know, to find tips on how Feng Shui can help with creativity...  which led me to an old webinar Dana did waaaaay back in 2013 (watch it HERE, it's free, just have to register for it, which is super easy). In the webinar Dana mentions this book An Artist's Way, and briefly explained how it really transformed her creativity.  Just with this very brief introduction to this book I was sold and ordered it that night and it arrived on my door step this afternoon!

 As I read The Basic Principles, I was taken aback.. whoa.. it kinda has me worried. 

In the basic principles it states that this process can cause defiance, anger, and grief.. whaaa?  wait a minute... by the way Dana talked about it, I thought this was going to be a super fun experience... (damn my impulsiveness and to Amazon for making my impulsive purchase so easy!! #first_world_problems).

Although it looks like it's going to challenge me in ways that will be uncomfortable, I'm going to go though the book's 12 week process.  After all, I've bought the book and the two workbooks to boot.. so, I'm gonna give it a go. 

Wish me luck!