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Faux Calligraphy 1-2-3

Faux Calligraphy 1-2-3

Creating Faux Calligraphy in 3 easy steps

If you love the art of calligraphy, but don't have time to learn all about nibs ink and not to mention dealing with the mess of it all, then allow me to introduce you to my favorite lettering style of faux calligraphy! 

I know you're going to love it as much as me! Faux Calligraphy is a fun, casual, and a SUPER easy way to spiff up party invitations, holiday greeting cards, or just for the heck of it!

I've outlined how to achieve beautiful faux calligraphy in 3 easy steps! 

Step 1 -

Write out a word in cursive. Making it wide, with lots of space in between letters. 

 Write a word out in cursive and with a lot of room for step 2

Write a word out in cursive and with a lot of room for step 2

Step 2 -

The trick to faux calligraphy is making thick down strokes.  

Remember in step 1 where we wrote out the word spaced out? This was done to leave room for our second down stoke.

On the inside of each letter, follow your original line of the initial letters.

*CAUTION - letters with curves can be tricky. For example, the top loop of  'b' in believe. Make sure to make the second down stroke gradual. This creates a smoother transition and makes for an overall better lettering piece.

 Create down stokes on the inside of each letter

Create down stokes on the inside of each letter

Step 3- 

The final step is to simply color in the down stoke.

Fill it in like I did with a solid color,  or you can have fun and fill it in with different colors or designs/textures. Get creative and have some fun in filling it in! 

Check out the Letter Styles post for interesting lettering ideas

So There you have it!

Easy right?

  1. Write out a word wide in cursive
  2. Create down stokes on the inside of each letter
  3. Fill in the space in between the two down stokes

Bada-Bing, Bada-Boom! 

Hope this little tutorial helps you to create lovely faux calligraphy projects! ♥

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 Faux Calligraphy- 1 -2 - 3

Faux Calligraphy- 1 -2 - 3


Please post questions or comments below ♥

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