Project 45

Project 45 Art Challenge

Yesterday was my 44th Birthday and I think that marks a perfect time to start a year-long project for myself.  And since it will end on my 45th Birthday I named it  Project 45! Pretty clever eh?- what do you think?!

I want, or rather I need a unique challenge.  Instead of posting the same topic, or theme everyday, this Instagram Art Challenge will have a reoccurring weekly theme.

Listed below are the weekly Project 45 prompts:

  • Monochromatic Monday | #MondaysAreMonochromatic - Every Monday post a painting, sketch, or photography, in a monochromatic color

  • Abstract Tuesday | #AbstractArtTuesday - On Tuesday's any sort of abstract piece or mixed media

  • Wreath Wednesday | #WednesdayWreathDay - Any type of wreath: floral, branches with water-color, ink, or acrylic.

  • Lettering on Thursday | #LettersByThursday - Hand-lettering or Calligraphy - Letters from the alphabet or a phrase

  • Flower Friday | #FantasticFloralFriday - any type of flower that is painted, sketched or photographed

  • Patterns on Saturday | #PatternsPlayOnSaturday - seamless pattern of a theme.. hearts, candy or automobiles.. anything is game

  • Angel Sunday | #AngelicPostSunday - Paint, sketch, or color beautiful angels.. I love angels and truly believe that they are all around us.

Having a different prompt every day of the week and yet having them repeat, gives a good mix of variety and consistency. Having this healthy mix is important for continued inspiration to practice and develop your artistic skills.

Feel free to participate in this challenge, in fact, I invite you to jump in on any day and at anytime - No Pressure, whatsoever!  I'd love to see your work! Simply choose a prompt and then post it on Instagram with the corresponding hashtag.  Please remember to tag me in your submission as well ( - I Look forward in seeing your work!

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