3 Healthy Lifestyle Apps That Track Diet + Exercise

Part of living a healthy lifestyle means being honest about the food you eat and the physical activity, or the lack thereof. I know that there are times when I don’t realize how much junk food  I actually  consume. A soda here and a cookie there all adds up. This oversight is a perfect example of why tracking calorie intake is important.  

Back in the day, a Weight Watchers program, taught me how important it was to understand portion sizes and to keep track of what I ate. And get this, it was all done on paper! Another thing is, I had to look up, in an actual book, how many points were in a certain food. If it wasn't in this book, I used a sliding cardboard calculator thingy that would calculate the food"s points based on calories, fat, and sugar it had per serving.  Needless to say, those days are gone! Now a days, there are a plethora of apps that make tracking food and exercise super easy AND they are FREE!  MyFitnessPal (MFP), MapMyWalk, and Fitbit are the 3 Healthy apps I personally use.

1. MyFitnessPal

(MFP) tops the list and is FREE! It is available online or in an app. It tracks your daily nutrition and exercise. Tracking your diet is made super easy by its massive food bank data, the ability to scan packaged food's bar code to directly enter to your Diary. There are many other features as well! For example, tracking your weight loss progress, setting goals, and entering custom recipes for it to calculate calorie per serving!  It also has a social side to it.  You can add friends on MFP. This a great feature that enables you to cheer them on when they complete a daily entry, record physical activity, or lose weight (MFP never posts weight gain). Another great feature about this app is that other apps can sync to it like MapMyWalk and Fitbit.


2. MapMyWalk

MapMyWalk tracks activity and (iPhone / Google Play ) is also free! It works by using the GPS in your smartphone. Start a walk in your app and stop it after you complete a walk. MapMyWalk displays your walk on a map, calculates your time and pace, and  also syncs your activity to MyFitnessPal! How awesome is that? ♥ There is also MapMyRun and MapMyRide 

3. Fitbit

The Fitbit app is free, however you do need to purchase a Fitbit to use it.  A basic Fitbit device tracks the number of steps made in a day. Te fancier ones track steps, the flight of stairs you've climbed, hours slept, and heart-rate. The cost of a Fitbit varies from around $60 - $150. Once the device is sycned up to your app you can participate in different step challenges with your friends who also have a Fitbit.  It also gives out virtual badges and trophies after certain milestones are met and challenges won. Using the Fitbit app really brings about healthy competitiveness which is a bonus for everyone!

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