Kick Start A Healthy Lifestyle

It Starts Today!

Not next week or next month, but today! I'm tried of putting my best self on hold and am SO ready to start my healthy lifestyle, this time for reals.  I'm not talking about a diet, but a sustainable healthy way of living. Are you with me? 

Maybe you've struggled like me, and I'm not sure why it has taken so long in starting a healthy journey. After all, I've been fit and healthy before and know first hand that it feels amazing to have the energy and clarity that comes with healthy living. I suppose it boils down to lack of motivation.

follow, or use #yogab4coffee if you'd like to participate too

follow, or use #yogab4coffee if you'd like to participate too

Yesterday, I finally found the motivation I needed on Skillshare of all places! I haphazardly stumbled on a class by Cynthia Koo called - How To Start (And Finish!) Your Very Own 365 Day Project. After she outlined how to choose a 365 day project, my mind instantly went to my getting healthy goal!

Another part of the class was about accountability and documenting your progress which is why I'm blogging about it and posting on a special Instagram account @dianas_healthylifestyle.  Would you like to join in too? 

So, what specifically did I choose for my 365 Day Project? I choose to practice yoga everyday while my morning coffee brews. I call it yoga before coffee (#yogab4coffee). Clever, eh? 😉 My ultimate goal for the 365 project is to improve my posture, flexibility, and balance, but most of all I want to be able to grab my ankles, or touch the floor without bending my knees. I've always wanted to do that! Is there something you've always wanted to do? Like maybe,stand on your head or complete 60 sit-ups in a minute. 

Additional Healthy Choices Include:

  • Make smarter food choices

  • Consume 1400-1600 daily calories

  • Everyday, drink at least 64 oz of water

  • Taking Vitamins

  • Walk or participate in 30 minutes of exercise

* I know that making small bite size changes will ultimately lead to a better healthier me.  

Do you have a healthy project or goal you'd like to complete? If so, share below! 

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