2019 Lettering Challenges

Are you looking for a fun and different lettering challenge?

Look no farther. - I’ve got you!

This year, I’ve decided to host monthly lettering challenges, and I don’t know about you, but I love when good things overlap. So… I’ve added a quote for national holidays and some fun/silly holidays. Like in January, I have Elvis’ Birthday, (Love me some Elvis ♥), Winnie the Pooh Day and Dr. Martin Luther King’s Birthday. I’ve even added the hashtag you can use on Instagram.

Have fun with these prompts! Create lettering in any style you want and use whatever tools and art medium inspires you! Use a Pointed pen, a brush pen, digital lettering on Procreate, use ink watercolor, acrylic paint, pencil OR even use fonts. #typography If you use fonts, be sure to share what fonts you used and where you got it.

In searching for an Instagram hashtag for the challenge, I couldn’t decide on one I liked best:
Use at least one, please don’t feel like you have to use all three as I know Instagram only allows 30 hashtags and I don’t want to take up 3 of them.

Ultimately it’s up to you - Use one or all three. It’s 100% up to you.

Right click on the image to save for future reference..

Right click on the image to save for future reference..

Be on the look out for February’s challenge here on the blog, on Instagram, and Pinterest.

Happy Lettering♥