Nature Walk

Growing up, my sisters and I called these types of Dandelions "blow puffs" ♥

Growing up, my sisters and I called these types of Dandelions "blow puffs" ♥

Yesterday, or I should say last night, I went for a walk with my husband and little dog, Sadie. We started out around 8:50 pm, but the sun was still out. In fact, the day felt more like it was 5. I live in the great state of Alaska, land of the midnight sun.. literally. We gain approx 5 minutes 30 seconds of sun a day, that is until Summer Solstice then it all reverses and we loose that amount of sun per day until you guessed it Winter Solstice... and the cycle repeats.  

Alaska is definitely a unique and beautiful place to live, that is for sure! 

Along our walk, I snapped photos of some dandelions with my iPhone. I love capturing photos of Alaska with my handy dandy iPhone. It's always available and takes great photos.

Once I got home and kicked off my shoes, I doodled over the photo with the Procreate app on my iPad. It was a quick and fun way to relax and a perfect way to end the day. 

[Check out the crazy amount of sun we get in the summer at Sun & Moon Times]

I love hand-lettering over photos. Lately I've been into making letters appear to intertwine with the elements in the photo in someway.  In this photo I have the "l" and the "u" wrapping around the dandelion's stem. To achieve this effect, simply erase the portion of the letter that is going under or behind the object.. in this case I erased the top part of the "l" in Blow to make it look as if it was wrapping behind the stem.

Have you tried any hand-lettering or doodles over any personal photos? It's a great way to add a little creativity to a photo.. Play around with stock photos if you don't happen to have any personal ones to use. 

Have fun!