Playing With Pouring Medium


Lately, I've seen a lot of, what I call, marbleized abstract paintings on Instagram and have become obsessed. To me, these paintings are so beautiful! I absolutely love the organic free flowing texture. I especially love when pops of color are used in just the right places.  It makes my art loving heart overflow. ♥

This new obsession with marbleized painting prompted a little bit of research on it and by a little bit, I mean VERY little or hardly any. - In one small segment of my research I found someone using Liquitex Pouring Medium and figured that I knew all I need to know and bought me some!

Once I had it in my hands, it sat in my art room for awhile. I know what you're thinking.. Why did it take me so look to use it?  AND that, my friend,  is a very good question. Honestly, I'm not sure why, I guess as an artist, I'm still on my journey in finding my niche. 

Just Going For It

I'm the type of person who just jumps into something and figures it out as I go. I'm very much a hands on/ visual learner. Can anyone else out there relate? or is it just me? If you're like me your eyes tend to glaze over and go cross eyed when I see a bunch of boring text that is written in what feels like a foreign language. 

So sit and watch me fumble away while I play with pouring medium. 

Lesson Learned - LESS IS MORE! - Don't overdo the, what I call "swishing around" the paints.

After re watching this  I wish I stopped sooner!! 

Oh well! live and learn


This was mt first time using pouring medium and my first time doing a video. I used my phone, but thinking that if I ever do a video again, I will use my husband's video camera and perhaps do some edits. 

I'm a work in progress.. Thanks for watching and I hope you were able to take something away from it. 

Comment below with your thoughts about pouring medium?