Gustav Klimt

Painter - July 14, 1862 – February 6, 1918

Painter - July 14, 1862 – February 6, 1918

Gustav Klimt


His Style

Klimt's work is easily spotted by his use of decorative pattern and line work. Another, more obvious way to spot his work is by the the use of gold leaf.

Gustav Klimt worked mainly in oils on canvas, but also sketched and made some mosaics. 

The female form was the main subject of his paintings which were considered erotic in his time.

Klimt's work is Influenced by:

His Work

Below are some examples of Klimt's famous paintings along with a sample color palette.  

The Portrait of Adele Bloch Bauer I  (upper left) sold for $135 million

The Portrait of Adele Bloch Bauer I (upper left) sold for $135 million

My Work

I thought it would be fun to incorporate Klimt's work into one of my watercolor paintings. I added Finetec Gold Watercolor in place of Klimt's gold leaf and created a square pattern in the background. The pattern I painted was inspired by the blanket of the two lovers in The Kiss painting


I love quotes.. and who doesn't?

Personally, I find quotes to be a little peek into a person's personality. 

Interesting Facts

  • Klimt never married, but is said to have fathered 14 children

  • Unlike other artists, Gustav Klimt never painted a "selfie" of himself

"I have never painted a self-portrait. I am less interested in myself as a subject for a painting than I am in other people, above all women... There is nothing special about me. I am a painter who paints day after day from morning to night... Who ever wants to know something about me out to look carefully at my pictures."