Week 2 The 100 Day Project [2019]

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A new week of Skillshare Classes!

Each week will typically contain 2 watercolor classes, an abstract piece, an illustrated face, something digital, and I try to add a photography class or selfie in the mix..
This week I didn’t get one done, but be on the look out for my mug to show up every now and then in these projects. Not a typical selfie, but something creative and unique and that is on Skillshare. 😉

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Day 9 of 100

* Watercolor Succulents
By Sandra Bowers

Short class, but took me a long time to complete this project.

You can find Sandra Bowers online at:

Instagram @sandrabowersart


Day 11 of 100

* Abstract Art: Intro to Fluid Painting with Resin
By Tiffany Egbert

Easy class. Walks you through the process step by step.
Interesting note, Tiffany did 100 fluid paintings for a 100 day project! 😂

You can find Tiffany Egbert online at:

Instagram @desertloom


Day 13 of 100

* Digital Florals: Painting in iPad Procreate
By Marta Berk

Walks through all the steps from start to finish. Learned a few things that I didn’t know already about the Procreate App.

You can find Marta Berk online at:

Instagram @marta_berk


Day 8 of 100

* Modern Watercolor Wreaths: 3 Ways
By Amarilys Henderson

Short, simple and direct! Great class and teacher!

You can find Amarilys Henderson online at:

Instagram @watercolordevo


Day 10 of 100

*Brush Lettering Essentials
By Teela Cunningham

Another great class from Teela! Informative and friendly and full of details!

You can find Teela online at:

Instagram @everytuesday


Day 12 of 100

* Expressive Little Faces: Proportions, Painting, Personality
By Amarilys Henderson

Yes, another class by Amarilys! and why not?! She is one of my favorite Skillsare Teachers and super talented, and a great teacher too! In this class she takes her time to show how to add details to make faces truly unique.

You can find Amarilys Henderson online at:

Instagram @watercolordevo

Day 14 of 100

* Fun And Easy Watercolor Backgrounds: Part 1
By Ayesha Ansari

Ayesha teaches different watercolor background styles. Great content

You can find Ayesha Ansari online at:

Instagram @_brushedwithpeace_


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