Boost Creativity With 3 Easy Feng Shui Tips

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With Feng Shui!

Boost Creativity with 3 Easy Feng Shui Tips

3 Must Do Feng Shui Tips for Creative Spaces

Have you heard of the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui?  In a nutshell, it is all about how to arrange your living space in a way to  maximize the flow of good energy, or chi, for maximum happiness and luck in areas of life (i.e. family, health and wealth). Feng Shui literally translates to wind and water which are the natural elements that chi travels. I’m sure a lot of people think the practice of Feng Shui is a bunch of hooey, and I’ll admit that maybe some of it is, but I also believe there are some aspects of this ancient practice that has some valid points.  For example, the tips for creating a space that boosts creativity makes a lot of sense to me and I’ve listed the top 3 Feng Shui tips that will guarantee creative chi flow.

Tip 1  

Boost Creativity with 3 Easy Feng Shui Tips - Step 1: De-clutter


This tip is pretty much a no-brainier. Organizing and cleaning your studio/art room will get the trapped chi flowing again. Optimally organizing your space and clearing clutter will make it easier for you to clarify goals and undoubtedly bring about a sense of creativity revival. This simple step clears the path for new and exciting projects.



Tip 2

The placement of your desk or craft table requires the power position. It is essential for you to take the commanding position of your creative space. The general rules in power positioning your desk are:

Boost Creativity with 3 Easy Feng Shui Tips - Tip 2: Move  Desk in POWER Position

DO – place desk facing the door [represents you facing opportunities]

DON’T - directly face the door way face a wall

DO - Have your back to a wall or a high-backed chair [this give you support and authority]

DON’T -  Have your back to the door or to a window

If moving your desk to an ideal power position is not doable, then there are some Feng Shui cures.  For example, if your desk has to face a wall placing a photo, or something that has a depth of field, will give the illusion of space.  Another cure is for if your back is to the door than adding a mirror that will enable you to view it will do the trick.  If your back is to a window adding curtains and plants in front of the window will give that added support.


Tip 3  

For a creative space use the elements of metal and water. The metal element brings about productivity and focus and is brought into a room by using metal frames and incorporating round or oval shapes. Metal can also be brought into the creative space by using the colors white and grey. The water element brings about inspiration and abundance. It is incorporated literally into the room by the use of a small fountain or aquarium [water must always be kept clear and clean].  Pictures of water, flowing free form shapes, mirrors and other reflective surfaces can also be used to represent water. Water colors are black, blues and deep blue tones.

Feng Shui is not only an old topic, it is also a HUGE one! This post is merely the tip of the proverbial iceberg. I for one, love exploring and implementing Feng Shui  into all my living areas!  →  Check out Feng Shui by Fishgirl to learn more about Feng Shui or use trusty google.

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