Lettering Styles

Coming up with fresh and unique lettering styles for a word or phrase is challenging. When I get stuck in a creative rut, repeating the same style of lettering over and over again, I like to take some time to brainstorm new ideas.

Brainstorm Lettering Styles

Grab some paper and your trusty pen and have fun! Without any judgement or hesitation, push yourself to try different lettering styles.

For this post I wanted to add a variety of styles, so I when I brainstormed I added a good mixture lettering techniques for the simple word, hello.

Some different lettering I brainstormed are:

  • THICKEN - bigger and bolder

  • narrow - long and thin

  • shaped in a shape i.e. a circle

  • Faux Calligraphy

  • Basic Flourishing

  • Decorative Elements

  • banners, arrows, and flowers

Adding color to lettering is always fun too!  Other design elements can add interest as well. For example, a simple heart, a wreath, or other embellishments like gold lines around the word, or to even fill in the down-stokes of a word with color, like I did adds to the design.

Get creative and have fun! Brainstorm ideas and don't be afraid to experiment with ideas that pop into your mind. New techniques and a fresh lettering styles always develop during brainstorming sessions, so why not make it a regular practice? ;-)