Floral Valentine

I chose the color scheme of this vibrant flower in honor of Valentine's Day. 

Speaking of Valentine's Day, do you know the history behind the lover's hoiday? There isn't one solid account on it's history. As for St. Valentine, whom the holiday is named after, is said to have been executed in the year 269 AD! 

Foil Texture


Have you noticed texture around you in everyday life? You maybe asking yourself.. So what? 

Finding texture in everyday life is interesting and fun.

Since it's practically Valentine's Day, I vote to break out Hershey's Kisses!

Aurora Green


For this week's Monday in Color post, I present to you green.

I'm not really into the color green, but when you see the beautiful northern lights or Aurora Borealis dancing above you, it's stunning. A show stopper, for sure.